“Miss OMGies”

We all have a story to tell that makes us unique and different from the crowd; and these stories are largely shaped or a result of our past. Well similarly, I grew up in a house of girls; where I literally opened my eyes in a kitchen, watching my mom and sister play kitchen-kitchen. Automatically I grew found of it and soon when I could stand on my two feet I joined in as a new member to their kitchen game. Usually my kitchen games were filled with misery in the early ages (age: 1-3), as I was limited with walk/speed/vocals and remained a victim of my sister’s cruel acts. Got showered by eggs, covered in mountains of flour, and even got marinated but rescued from being cooked by mom. Thus my very close interaction with ingredients lead to my interest of combining them to create a master piece.


Marinated with flour by my sister


Although my natural roots are of South Asian Origin, yet I never got to live there. Thus much of my learned knowledge of the cultural cuisine is very much mirrored off of my mom, and cruel but very beaut iful kitchen experimenting sister. My dad is a very picky eater, habits spoiled by my mom’s great cooking, thus even the restaurant food is highly critiqued by him. Hence all of the great cooks at home. Since my parents and older sister are diet conscious, most of my sweets are eaten only by my younger sister. Who no matter how much she eats still looks anorexic, we all envy her metabolism.


My interest in building a website for cooking came much from the compliments received; as we have moved around to a hand full of States and now in Canada, it remains hard keeping up with everyone over the phone or repeating the same recipe to several people over and over again. Thus the creative idea of posting it all up and sharing my secrets and unique, yet very traditional touches to cooking. Plus as they all say that the best way to a person’s heart is thru their stomach. So why not improve your skills today and be loved more ;).

You will forget the rest when you try the best RECIPES: 


Mission- OMGies brings to you recipes that are daringly unique in style, exotic and just edible.

Ever heard of “Strawberry Curd Cheese (Rasgulla) Kulfi Cake”

I have dedicated my career towards advocating and guiding individuals through recipes that not just execute great art, but also taste delicious. My quest is to help individuals create master pieces.

I believe that giving is the best form of not just communication (social connections), but also that “giving is living”. Thus OMGies motivates me to reach out and help.


Philosophy behind OMGies-

To understand the ideology and philosophy behind “OMGies”. You first need to understand that this term does not originate for my love of cooking, but from a perspective.

I believe that “Oo-Myy-Goshh” was a slang used back in the days (early 2000s). But today the new slang is “O-M-Gies”; just a new way of living. Because: Blending-in is boring…so step-out and BLEND-OUT!


What does OMGies”  mean?

“O-M-Gies” plays a role of a highlight-marker. It is a slang word that magnifies and highlights your expressions (Daring YOU). OMGies celebrates distinction, style, an act of self-expression, and just a unique YOU.